Rights and Responsiblities Charter

As a student member of this community,
I can expect to have a right to:
Therefore, I have a responsibility to:
Have my gifts and talents respected and nurtured. Develop my gifts and respect and support the gifts of others.
Contribute positively to the life of the school community. Contribute positively to the school community and acknowledge the contribution made by others.
Be accepted for who I am. Accept the uniqueness of each individual.
Experience effective, competent, empathetic teaching in a Catholic environment. Contribute to a positive learning environment by allowing teaching and learning to take place.
Be able to learn to the best of my ability. Strive to learn to the best of my ability.
Experience a healthy and clean environment. Keep the school environment clean and healthy.
Experience a safe environment. Follow safety procedures and the School Behaviour Code and eliminate bullying and harassment.
Be treated with compassion, integrity and dignity. Treat others as I would like to be treated with compassion, fairness and dignity.
Have the opportunity to participate in appropriate decision making. Participate and encourage others to have a voice in the school community.