Retreat Program

The retreat program at Catherine McAuley provides students with the opportunity to participate in a reflective experience in a communal setting to gain deeper insights into self-knowledge, sensitivity to others, and a stronger faith in God. Each retreat is designed to provide time for students to share their insights, personal beliefs and attitudes in a Christian context.  

The Reflection and Retreat programs are designed to integrate the affective aspect of a student’s spiritual development that cannot easily be addressed within a one period classroom environment.

The purpose of the Retreat program is to assist students in recognising the importance of their holistic development and to give them further understanding of the ‘fullness of life.’ Activities are designed to open students to their spirit dimension as well as fostering a sense of community and a heightened awareness of their own giftedness and that of others.

Year 9, reflection day

A Retreat is God’s time and aims to be a catalyst for growth. The central activity is for each individual to review important aspects of his life and delve into the question: “What is God’s role in my life?” so as to come to a greater acceptance of their God-given goodness. We aim to provide experiences that place the students in touch with the God within them, and can therefore lead to a growth in this relationship. For most students the deepest sense of God can be found in the experience of friendship: with self, with others and with God.


Yr 7 program (Reflection Day)

  • ‘To love mercy, to act justly and walk humbly with God’ (Micah 6:8)
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral tour; personal prayer journaling skills; Mercy justice action.

Yr 8 program (Reflection Day)

  • Mirror Image: Seeing myself as God sees me

Yr 9 program (Reflection Day)

  • Relationships: Me, Others & God

Yr 10 program (Reflection Day) 

  • Choices – Made in the Image and Likeness of God

Yr 11 senior retreat program (2 day overnight retreat)

  • Living Life to the Full; today and tomorrow