It’s not just what girls learn at school that’s important – it is also how they learn. In the stimulating and challenging environment at Catherine McAuley, staff are committed to helping students establish patterns of learning that will enable them to keep developing through their lives and careers.

The school aims to support students to become independent, life-long, autonomous learners. It does this by encouraging students to have some control over the learning process, through active participation and problem-solving, and to take some responsibility for planning and organising their learning. The school has developed a charter setting out how staff and students can foster this innovative approach.

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Staff are encouraged and supported in developing their teaching strategies, including their use of information communication technology. The whole school is wireless networked and students can access the school’s network, CMNet (intranet) and the internet. The school has a Macbook Program for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 students which enables students to have access to reliable technology that will assist and support their learning. The program also ensures that students are using the same technology at school and home.

Staff are supported in providing a stimulating learning environment, through the use of group work, information and communication technology, and learning and teaching strategies to foster student motivation.

Catherine McAuley offers a wide variety of elective courses through Years 8 to 12. In Years 9 and 10 the school offers elective courses of 100 hours duration. This means that students are not locked into an elective course for two years. They can experience a broad variety of subjects or study subjects of interest in greater depth.